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  • Riley Jay Sironen

A Humble Start to 2022

I am not one for the concept of time. I am a firm believer that new starts and fresh beginnings can take place at any time - not just at the beginning of a new year. That being said, with 2021 and 2020 behind us, I think we all can agree that the passing of Betty White made us all a little too ready for the New Year to begin. Myself included. But of course, like everything in the Universe, 2022 has already given me the ever so humble reminder that I am not the one who decides how the world works.

New Year's Day. I spent the day organizing my bookshelf. I set aside books and other items aside that I no longer wanted to use. I researched places to get rid of my used books and I was even able to sell a few items to get some quick cash. My motivation was looking up for 2022!

January 2nd. I spent the entire day working on my website that you see here. I updated every page, giving each page a little extra pizzazz. I loved it. Here I am, day two of the New Year and I am already doing things for myself. Later that night, I even researched future job goals I want to have for myself and possible schools I would attend to further my education in my fields of interest. As the old cliché goes, this was going to be "My Year"!

January 3rd. I woke up and the sun was bright. I spent the morning having a great, long talk with peers about future job goals we wanted for ourselves. I was pumped! I came home and loaded up my car with my books and items that I was off to give to new homes. I successfully got all my deliveries made and now, with my new, extra money, I was off to purchase a little something for myself.

January 3rd, 2:55 PM. Screeching tires and a loud crashing sound. I opened my eyes to a cloud of smoke, a deployed airbag, and a stalled car. The last thing I remember is a car slowing down in front of me and another car coming over into our lane who had suddenly come to a halt. I opened my door very slowly to see it was only myself and the car who had tried to come into my lane. The other car was nowhere to be seen. Long story short, no one (include myself) was hurt. The other vehicle made it out with only a few dents from me. My car on the other hand, is done. And the phrase that keeps going through my head comes from a pedestrian who walked by and said, "I guess 2022 isn't starting off great for you, is it?"

2022. The year that I was certain was going to start off different from the rest. I wasn't going to start off the First Day of the Year complaining about how everyone is starting all these new diets, hobbies, and habits just to only stop doing them a month later. But as the story goes, the Universe had other ideas.

A date on a calendar so that we can track time doesn't stop the Universe from moving forward. Life doesn't stop just because we tell it we are going to do better. We still will hit those patches of black ice that we don't see coming and we will still take those wrong turns on a route that seemed so simple. We will still have days where our tank is on empty and we will have no energy to fill it back up. But just like the Universe, we have to keep moving forward. Those good things I did for myself are still good things. And there are still 361 days to do some really incredible things. Not every day or moment has to be perfect in order for me to say I am living a fulfilling life.

So, no, stranger (and readers), my year isn't ruined. It definitely had a bad third day, but there are more days to come.

And all we can do is keep moving forward.


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