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  • Riley Jay Sironen

Escaping Bullying

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The thing about bullying is, as you get older, it doesn’t go away. It’s not something that only children experience. It doesn’t end in high school, college, or adulthood. Because bullies are formed from someone who is insecure. Someone who takes your confidence in yourself as a threat. Someone who looks at you and wishes they had your talent. Someone who looks at you and may have your talent, but wishes they were as confident as you are in the early stages of a career. Someone who is hurting and just wishes someone else would carry the pain. Bullies may never leave your world, but bullies are not a reflection of you. And the thing is, we’ve all been bullied, but we have also been the bully.

So next time you feel a negative thought about another human, consider how it’s helpful towards them. Is it going to make you and them a better person? I’m not posting this to say I’m perfect because I’m far from it. Just thoughts on my mind today.



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