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  • Riley Jay Sironen

My “Autistic & Anxious: Traveling Alone” Checklist

This year I flew on a plane on my own for the first time. I have ridden a plane numerous times before, but this was the first time I had to navigate the entire process alone. Here is what I did to make the process less intimating:

  • Having someone who makes you feel safe to drop you off instead of using a driving service

  • Arriving way too early in case of unpredictable circumstances (thankfully, there were none, and I got to grab my favorite coffee before my flight!)

  • Wearing my Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard so airport workers know I may need assistance and may be overwhelmed

  • A wallet for my lanyard, so all important things are accessible (of course, themed around my special interest!)

  • My current favorite Pokémon cards to help regulate overstimulation

  • A carry-on bag, so I don’t have to worry about checking anything

  • A backpack filled with my favorite things - comfort snacks, a kindle with books and movies, noise-cancelling headphones, a Nintendo Switch, and other comfort items

  • Before the day of my travels, making sure my phone's home screen was set up to easily find apps that I needed for traveling today

What do you do to prepare for traveling? Feel free to share my article with others or save it for yourself! If you feel the need or want to support me further, you can buy me a coffee ( or send me a tip through Venmo (@AustinBlack9), CashApp ($AustinBlack9) or PayPal (


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