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Website & Project Sponsors

"If you're not creating, then you're simply consuming. Create with courage."

- unknown

The sponsors listed on this page went above and beyond with their support. This page is a thank you for supporting a queer entrepreneur like myself! Learn more about them below and check out their small businesses as well.

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Denise taught herself how to crochet when she was in high school. Being self-taught meant that she learned by making a lot of mistakes. Her first project was a granny square vest - and she felt very cool wearing it. She made many gifts over the years, but she quit after she felt she had made something for just about everyone she knew. But, after some years passed and she retired, she picked her craft back up once again. Now, since 2017, she has run a successful custom crochet page - making custom orders such as cat couches, hats & scarves, crochet stuffed animals, and more! See what she can make you today!


Gary Sironen is a playwright, composer, lyricist, arranger, music director, musician, and singer. He has written or collaborated on several plays and musicals, and he has written numerous songs and choral anthems. Gary has also worked in a number of professional bands, as a public school band & choir director, a church music director, and director/music director for a number of school and community musical theatre productions.

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