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  • Riley Jay Sironen

People Can Change

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Change is as natural as breathing air, and yet, by human nature, we often refuse to accept even the slightest notion of it. It’s scary. It’s unknown. It’s full of “what if’s”. And still, it often happens without our consent. Flowers bloom and wilt. Caterpillars leave their cocoons to venture the world as a butterfly. Toddlers become opinionated. The elderly watch as the world they once knew disappears through the hands of a new generation. Change continues to take place year by year, day by day, minute by minute. The same happens with our minds, our thoughts, our beliefs, and our goals. We are brought up under one set of values, only to realize the world offers so much more. And it can be overwhelming to see we have a choice in the direction we choose to go. Some people come to this realization as young as their teens. Others don’t have it until they are well into their 60’s. Maybe because no one ever told them. Maybe because they were never told in a way that made sense to them. Or maybe, they were blinded by family, friends, or love and it took a harsh awakening to make a change. Whatever it takes, as hard as it can be, often we won’t get to experience that change with someone who has hurt us. Often we are only left with the dark imprint they made on our heart or soul. But that doesn’t mean change isn’t possible. It doesn’t mean that they won’t one day feel remorse and guilt for how they treated you. But it does mean that sometimes you won’t get the ending or closure you rightfully deserve. And it’s your choice, our choice, to decide how we grow from that hurt and move forward. Because change is inevitable. And we can heal. But only if we welcome it in with open arms.



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